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Our Services

Event Bars

We can provide a wide range of bars for your event. These range from high volume to small specialist bars and everything in between. With our experience and our expertise, we’ll help with all aspects of your event. We can supply the bars, the equipment to run them and the staff to manage them. We’ll also help you look after your VIP’s, sponsors and other guests. We can even help with a range of other activities on site.

Beer Tents

Helping the thirsty – If your event has large arenas with lots of customers, we can provide 'fast-service' bars designed to give the thirsty what they need. Our aim is to get a drink delivered into the customer's hand as quickly as possible. They can then get back to enjoying the event. We work closely with our suppliers and promoters to make this happen.

Time to relax – Away from the main action or out in the campsite at big events, things are much more relaxed. So we can offer a bit more comfort for your customers. We can offer a wide range of drinks as well as the event decor and ambient music. With tables and chairs under cover, it gives the client a chance to relax, regroup or even shelter from the unpredictable weather.

Something special – We can also supply specialist cocktail bars, bars with a fun theme, as well as bars with waiter service.

What you want – If you have a certain theme in mind, we will work with you to supply the exact style of bar you want for your event. We have skilled managers, enthusiastic staff and state-of-the art bar technology that will ensure everything runs smoothly.

A little help - We can help with the licensing for your event, we are fully experienced with the Licensing Act and we work closely with Local authorities to make sure this happens.

Guests and Sponsors

Looking after your guests – Some people need a little more care and attention. We can make your special guests feel like VIP’s with our elegant bars and dedicated staff. Talk to us about how we can decorate the bar and what drinks we can offer.

Trust our experience - Our expertise and contacts cover many areas of outdoor events, including security, health and safety, licensing, production and programming. Let us share our experience to make sure your event is successful and fun.

Major Outdoor Events

We have a wealth of knowledge within our team. Our group of managers are highly experienced.

We’re committed to providing excellent service to the consumer. Our bars offer a broad range of quality products, efficiently served to quench the thirst of the client.


Heres a list of the various options we commonly offer, although we are experienced caters and can accommodate most requests: 

Italian Stone Fresh Baked Pizza | Chef Cooked BBQ | Hot & Cold Buffets | Knife & fork Buffets | Served Wedding Breakfasts | Hog Roast